CM Energia thanks to the long experience of its technical staff provides, installs and maintains civil and industrial installations in both low and medium voltage systems, burglar alarm, access control, fire fighting systems, data network, Demotic and automation systems in general.

  • Analysis and estimation, where in collaboration with you, with your technical studies internal and / or external, to study the solution best suited to your needs in order to give you a turnkey solution.
  • Technical solutions we are able to propose technical solutions for the operation of the v / s systems in order to improve the yield by decreasing consumption, and giving advice for your customization of the same.
  • CM Energia Installations  takes care of all the logistics of installation from where we will take care of transportation (even exceptional) of the exhaust, the placement of all equipment and assembly thereof, and all the necessary activities such as civil works.
  •  Regeneration and / or changes regenerate all kinds of facilities (in accordance with current regulations) in order to make them more efficient and within your reach in strict accordance with your needs.
  • Maintenance CM Energia offers a comprehensive service in order to maintain the efficiency of your systems our trained staff is able to intervene, without distinction of any kind of plant. We enter into annual maintenance contracts with maintenance intervals agreed with the customer in the manner and in the cadence, having the sole purpose of maintaining efficient all the equipment and bring the system to have no stops for failures during the service, contracts may be with and no on-call service.
  • Repairs We can work on all types of plant and as far as possible (consistent with the type of fault occurred), we make sure to make the same available with emergency solutions.
  • Remote management with appropriate modifications can install remote supervision systems for each type of plant.