IMG_1147  The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rotating basically has the same purpose and principle of operation of a static one, the same is installed to protect sensitive loads, as we know, the UPS is installed between the network of the incumbent operator and the plant to be protected , usually with the static we have a cabin with all the electronic control, and generation of power, but we need more cabins with batteries. The batteries are used to generate the energy needed to power the inverter and keep a constant supply of power to the load in case of black out of that temporary interruptions.

The UPS rotating in the same space of the main cabinet have a flywheel, this flywheel is kept at constant speed when the system is powered from the mains at the time of the blackout (waiting to start the generator) turns the flywheel ‘kinetic energy into electrical energy which transfers to the network slowing its rotation (similar to the discharge of a battery), this solution from many advantages compared to static:

For the same power reduced dimensions (eg. 250kVA UPS has a size of 900 X 900 X 1900):

  • No need for a battery room
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Ability to power any type of electrical load (eg. Could be installed upstream of a plant with elevators, chillers, etc.)

Even in this type of application CMENERGIA S.n.c can provide the following services:

  • Analysis and estimation:
    where in collaboration with you, with your internal and / or external  technical studies , to study the solution best suited to your needs from the power of the machine until the commissioning of the same.
  • Technical solutions:
    we are able to propose technical solutions to ensure absolute continuity of v/s systems.
  • Installs:
    CM Energia takes care of all the logistics of installation from where we take care of the transport of the exhaust, the placement of all equipment and assembly thereof, and all the necessary activities such as civil works and electrical installation.
  • Maintenance:
    CM Energia offers a comprehensive service in order to maintain your UPS using its own personnel.
  • Repair:
    we can intervene on call at all times when they have spare parts for each machine installed.
  • Remote management:
    with appropriate modifications can install remote supervision systems for each type of plant.