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Rental and maintenance of generators in Tuscany

The generators represent valid solution in all those situations where you can not access the supply of electricity from the traditional grid or in emergency instability of the same. For this reason it is essential to their proper functioning, often (wrongly) think that once you bought a generator and / or UPS, you will be protected from any type of network instability, the policy Cm energia aims to inform users that no an appropriate and focused periodic maintenance, there may be the possibility that at the time of need the equipment is not working properly. Precisely for this Cm energia boasts of having specific knowledge of the industry and provides services to 360 °, the analysis of the solution that best suits your needs, up to a comprehensive after sales service and dedicated service on call 24 hours 365 days. Cm energia also offers maintenance packages on co generators and tri-generators fed with gas, biogas, since gas and vegetable oils. Aware of the importance that these machines have particularly delicate situations, CM energia, provides components made by the most important companies in the electromechanical sector Italian and European. In the event that the equipment is very dated, obsolete or out of the market, the company plans to equivalent parts and deals with the modernization of diesel and gas power plants, land and sea around the world.

Services offered:

Analysis and estimation
Technical Solutions
Regeneration and / or changes