A photovoltaic system is an electrical system consists essentially of the assembly of PV modules, which exploit the incident solar energy to produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect, the necessary electrical component (cables) and electronics (inverter) and possibly mechanical systems -automatici solar tracking. Photovoltaic technology allows you to directly convert solar energy into electricity by exploiting the properties of silicon, a semiconductor element widely used in all electronic devices.

Install a photovoltaic system is not an expense like buying an appliance or a car, but an investment. In economic terms, the energy produced by a photovoltaic system on the roof generates revenues in excess of the expenditure required to install and maintain it.

Some photovoltaic systems realized:

CM Energia is able to help in this type of investment by offering turnkey packages that start from design to all the paper work to produce up to installation and commissioning.

Installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and electrical systems.

CM Energia manufactures electrical systems of civil and industrial or traditional with home automation solutions, power stations, building automation, electrical, industrial automation, renewable energy, but especially given the tendency of the European market has specialized in eco-friendly plants is proud of the fact that have specific knowledge in the supply and installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems in all types of applications, tools for control and verification of the power consumption of the system.