Generating sets and cogenerators for every need

CM Energia supports customers with advice, installation and maintenance of generating sets and cogeneration systems both for companies and for private branch.

The availability of constant and regular electricity is fundamental to the performance of any commercial, industrial and civil activity. Interruptions and voltage changes can put entire productions at risk, compromise services and cause even greater damage in case of hospitals or care facilities. Where it is not possible to obtain electricity with due stability, generating sets  ensure a suitable  response. CM Energia is able to evaluate the best solution in line with the specific requirements of each customer.

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Electrical generators for hotels, hospitals, sports facilities, industries and commerce

With many years of experience in the field of energy generators, CM Energia provides the installation of generating sets with all kinds of power supply, from diesel generators to electrical generators, up  to generators powered by biogas and vegetable oil.

Thanks to tailored  projects, our company can satisfy the real needs of  each customer, including large companies, industries and facilities that require a considerable energy contribution.

The collaboration with the best Italian and international manufacturers in the electromechanical branch and our professional know-how ensure extremely efficient, reliable and silent systems.

Beside the customer from consulting to after-sale

CM Energia offers a 360° service, from pre-sale advice to installation, assistance and maintenance of the plants. According to customer requests, the staff identifies the most convenient ways of intervention, and the right equipment for each project.

Our company supports customers starting from equipment unloading, handling and installation of generating sets, up to the after-sale phases.  We can offer  maintenance for  generators, cogenerators and trigenerators, 365 days a year,  24hours a day,  for extraordinary interventions.

In addition, we can provide on request the continuous management of systems, also through remote management. Real-time active control can  ensure lasting  stability  and  total safety for the customer.